Sunday, January 25, 2015

What is The Best Way To Learn French?

The Best Way To Learn French

1. Get Warmed Up With Free Tools!

The best way to start immersing yourself into the french language is to start with a free audio lesson. Many audiobook companies offer free trials of their audiobook services.  Audible is a great example of an audiobooks service that has french language courses amongst the listings available under their free trial. Simply search for "French course" or "French lessons". These introductory audio lessons will help get you used to the pronunciation of common words and phrases as well as giving you a primer on the general rhythm of the language. Duolingo is another one of the best tools you can use to learn french and it is also free. Take advantage of free resources before you start looking into a more comprehensive program.

2. Develop Foundational Skills For Learning A New Language

Learning a new language requires a specific skill set that is different from traditional learning. Because it takes a lot of time, effort and money to become proficient in another language it is essential that you have the proper foundation and know the secrets of grammar memorization techniques. The purpose of this step is to help you become a more successful foreign language learner which in the end can help you save time and money. We have selected two courses that can provide that foundation we recommend:

1. How To Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language

2. Guerilla Language Learning

3. Select a Comprehensive French Program

 Whether you choose an online program or an in class program this will be the most important step in your french language learning journey. We have taken and recommend the Rocket French program as an online option because it is a comprehensive, award winning program that combines three language learning techniques. Learn more about Rocket French and be sure to visit our comprehensive review of the program. If you prefer in class lessons to online learning be sure to visit

4. Practice Speaking French With a Native Speaker

 The best way to practice and retain your training is to practice...practice...practice - if this is not a practical or affordable option for you try an online tutor or someone nearby that will practice speaking French with you. Just type a search for French tutor and your city and you might have just what you need at an affordable and economical price. Your can also search for non-local french tutors who can work with you over Skype here.

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