Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Rocket French

The Rocket French Language Course has an unusual approach to learning French as well as an unusual name. The course comes in 2 formats. You can buy it in hard copy on CD’s which are shipped worldwide. The cheaper alternative is to download exactly the same content direct to your computer online. There have been a number of different versions over the years but the current one has 31 lessons.

The lessons are on audio with written materials as backup. While the Rocket French Company claim that the system is new and modern, in my opinion the methods are quite traditional. That is not a criticism as the French language is presented in a clear and easy way for beginners. In fact for complete beginners this is an excellent course with its measured approach and step by step approach.

There is not one particular emphasis in this language program. It covers all the French language you need as a beginner which is the type of language student who will buy this product. Because this is a software based system you are tied to your computer for your language learning. I like to have books and written materials when I am learning a language and you would need to buy these as extra resources for language learning.

The Rocket French Language Course does have a huge advantage over all other online French courses. They offer a 6 part free starter French course to prospective language students. This course really gives you the look and feel of the full product before you part with any money. This is a real feature of this course and makes it a top recommendation for people who are not sure which French course to buy.
The cost is also less than all other comparable competition. So you get the top quality course for the cheapest price.